10 Quick Tips about Photography Backdrops

As a photographer you know that your settings and backdrops can be a vital part of ensuring that you capture just the right moment for your clients. Skill and lighting also play an important role in the work that you do, but with the perfect backdrop setting the tone for your photographs, you are sure to be thoroughly impressed with the results that you get.


These quick tips will help to ensure that you get the most out of your backdrops, so that you can provide the best results to your satisfied clients.

Quick Tip 1 – Selection of your backdrop images

One of the first considerations is to select the ideal photography backdrops for your needs. If you primarily photograph infants and children then you should look for backdrops that offer a soft appearance for your littlest clients.

By offering a variety of backdrops for your photo sessions, you’ll be able to meet the needs of your clients, year-round.

Quick Tip 2 – Picking the right size

Photography backdrops are offered in a wide range of sizes. This will allow you to photograph infants, adults, and of course family or business photos.

Pick the sizes that will readily meet your business needs, so that you can best serve your clients.

Quick Tip 3 – Selection of materials

Backdrops are offered in a selection of materials. It’s important to select the materials that will last you for many good years to come. Try to avoid cheap vinyl backdrops. They may often be more budget friendly, but they will not give you the natural setting that you are looking for.

Quick Tip 4 – Hanging your backdrop

It’s fairly straightforward to hang your backdrop. You could purchase a kit or you could pay a quick visit to your local home improvement store for a basic clamping system.

It’s important that you hang your backdrop using a system that will allow it to be readily switched out between clients.

Quick Tip 5 – Lighting your backdrop

Be sure to use a professional lighting system that will not only provide the best light for your clients, but that will also show off your beautiful backdrops in the best manner. This is another reason that it’s important to invest in quality cloth backdrops; you’ll be able to avoid an annoying and unsightly glare.

Quick Tip 6 – Cleaning your backdrop

Keeping your backdrop cleaned properly will help you to ensure it lasts for many good years to come. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, if they are provided. Otherwise you can gently spot clean or consider a light steam cleaning system.

Quick Tip 7 – Storing your backdrop when not in use

Avoid storing your backdrops in direct sunlight when they are not in use. This could potentially lead to fading and other damage. Store them in a darkened cool space, and consider covering them with plastic to avoid accumulation of dust and other grime.

Quick Tip 8 – Design your own or existing designs

There are great many existing designs to select from, but you might find it useful to design your own backdrops. Create a whimsical candy-themed backdrop for photoshoots with kids, or use your own shots of nature to create something uniquely yours.

Quick Tip 9 – Avoiding problems

With proper storage and good routine care, your backdrop will last for many great years to come. Avoid stepping on it as much as possible. Storing your photography backdrop away from pets will also help to avoid any potential concerns.

Use the right hanging system to also avoid any problems that might otherwise come from being pulled on.

Quick Tip 10 –Helping your clients pick the right backdrop

When your clients come in they might have their backdrops in mind already. This will definitely make your job a lot easier. If they do not, try to encourage them to select the backdrops that will help them shine as you capture their memories. From natural backgrounds to exotic locales, the more options that you can offer, the happier your clients are sure to be.

Backdrops can take your photographs from the mundane to the marvelous. Offer your clients a selection of sizes and styles so that they’ll get just the right look for their session.

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Various Accommodation Options in Singapore

Staying in Singapore is never really an issue with the wide variety of accommodation options available. Whether you are looking for a budget stay or a luxurious time in this vibrant area, you will find the suitable accommodation.

hotel 8


While the term ‘budget’ refers to places inexpensive in relation to others in the area, you can still expect the prices of hotels to be higher than accommodation costs in other surrounding countries. Luxurious hotels come packed with facilities like swimming pools, shopping arcades, health clubs and complete business services.

Since Singapore is a global hub of commerce and transportation, this tiny island city is always bustling with commuters and tourists. Especially during the peak season or during Formula One, the chances are that your search for Singapore hotels once you land there, will yield little result. It is always advisable to book hotels in advance during these times as even after extreme price hikes, rooms are hard to find.

Hotels which are advertised as being International Standard or with a five star rating can be expected to have modern facilities like swimming pools and air-conditioning beside other conveniences. Although there is no official star grading system for hotels, if a hotel is advertised as having five stars, you can expect it to be much more luxurious than many European equivalents.


Bed and breakfast

Guest houses are also available in plenty in Singapore. These bed and breakfast joints are considerably more affordable than good hotels but come without luxury services. Most of the guest houses in Singapore are located in and around Colonial District.


Camping is not very popular in Singapore. One of the main reasons for this is that campsites are not very conveniently located. Besides, one needs to apply for and obtain a permit before being able to camp in the available campsites like Changi Beach Park, PasirRis Park, West Coast Park, Sembawang Park and East Coast Park.

Noordin and Maman beaches in PulauUrbin offer camping ground without permits, but they are not very popular spots, although Noordin is still more preferred.

Other Accommodation Options

Backpacker Dorms

Dormitory accommodations are available for backpackers who are travelling through Singapore and need to spend some time without losing too much cash. Chinatown has decent hostel style set ups. There are other places which are popular amongst backpackers or budget travellers but they are generally packed. So prior contact is advisable.


Serviced apartments in Singapore are available for medium or long term stays. Apartments are generally not designed to accommodate visitors planning to stay in the country or at that location for a short while.


For a quiet stay in Singapore, many people choose to live in resorts. Although it is difficult to escape the human civilization in this tiny country of millions, during the weeks, resorts do allow breathing room and some solitude. Most resorts are located on Sentosa, one of the most popular places in Singapore. There are also resorts in remote and quieter places like St. John’s Island and PulauUbin.

Live you Photography Passion with Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0

Maruti Wagon R, introduced in the year 1999 is one of the few cars which have enjoyed high sales and appreciation for more than a decade. This fifteen year old car has been amongst India’s five best selling cars on the basis of sales volume. Maruti has now rightly given the old car a new look and feel.

Wagon R was never a great looking car with its height, straight lines and tall hatch back door, yet it had managed to be a great seller. So Maruti has not made any visible changes to the overall design but has made changes only to the smaller design elements. However the new model is built on a new platform and the car is now taller, wider and longer. It getsa narrower grille with large body coloured bumpers and wide air dams, a new set of fog lamps and blue tinted headlights and larger tail lamps. The roof is more slanted and has sporty roof-rails which make it look sportier.

wagon rThe Maruti Suzuki Wagon R interior cabin is more spacious now and we can see better use of plastics and equipment. No passenger will ever complain about the head room and leg room; there is loads of it. The new beige and black dashboard is wider and also looks very attractive with silver trims. The boot space is only 180 litres but there are some additional small storage spaces inside the cabin. The top-of-the line variant comes equipped with several advanced features such as audio system with integrated AUX-in and USB ports, electric ORVMs, tilt adjustable electronic power steering, climate control unit and 60: 40 spilt rear folding seats. The new Wagon R is loaded with a number of safety features such as Anti-Lock braking system, airbags, front and rear ELR seat belts, the Intelligent Computerized Anti-Theft System and others. But Maruti has missed out on Bluetooth and rear parking sensors, both which are a very common feature nowadays.


The new Maruti Wagon R is being offered in both petrol and CNG version. The petrol version is powered by the 1.0 litre, 998 cc, 3 cylinder mill that produces a top power of 67.1 bhp and 90 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a five speed manual transmission gear box. The eco-friendly CNG model of the car is mated with the Intelligent Gas Port Injection (i-GPI) i-fuel technology, which makes it more fuel efficient. The CNG unit develops 58.2 bhp of top power and 77 Nm of torque. Fuel economy is marked at 15 kmpl approximately and the top speed is 150 kmph, beyond which the car is slightly vulnerable.

The new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 is available in the market around Rs 4.8 lakhs onwards.

Also check Maruti Suzuki S-Cross OnRoad Price in India.

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